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Key duplication is the cutting of flat key in a machine, fitted into a Vice, with a blank attached to a parallel vise. The original key is moved along a guide, while the blank is moved against a wheel, which cuts it. After cutting the new key is scrubbed with a brush to remove small pieces of metal remaining on the key. If they are not removed they can be harmful.

If you need a set of extra keys, our portal is available with our services. We make duplicate keys for doors, windows, car, safe box and every lock that requires a key. We offer a 24/7 emergency locksmith services to our clients whenever they need a set of spare keys. You can call up our local locksmith and our member will be there at your doorstep, satisfying you with his performance and accuracy.

What if you ever lost your car keys? Or forget your keys at home or at office? If you will be having duplicate key, you will not face any problem.

We have specialized staff in making or duplicating keys. Even if you get your key broken into the lock, we can provide you with a copy of your key wherever you are. It takes less than 2 minutes to make a copy of the key you require and take you out of your worries in very reasonable prices. Our experienced staff can duplicate keys which are Vintage, Mul t lock keys, Medeco keys, Schlage Keys, Best Keys, Master Locks Keys, Yale keys, Kwikset keys or any key that is difficult to find.

We use different key cutting and making machines with different milling or grinding equipments. All of our machinery is from highly trusted brands.

We use various techniques for making another key if you require a key;

By Code: The lock has a code number on it which helps in cutting the key according to the lock code.

By Impression: By inserting a blank key and letting the lock leave marks on it where we need the cuts until the key opens the lock.

By Sight Reading: Our professional staff looks into the lock with a scope and decipher the cuts to make a working key.

By Disassembly: Requires the locksmith to disassemble the lock and decipher the cuts.

By Progression: We have certain rules to cut the key from various known cuts and progress the cutting until the lock is not opened.

By Picking: Locks can be picked up with a special tool and then cuts can be discovered by reading the depth of cuts on the lock.

No one would like to break into their car or house windows, neither will you, when we are one call away! If you are ever locked out of your house or car then you must know how important the duplicate key is! This is the point where you need our professional and experienced staff to take you out of that situation. We are working for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to reach you whenever you need us.

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